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First intro family is growing! Meet our newborn: FIRST INTRO DUBAI !!!

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

It is with great excitement that we share with you our plan to open a second FIRST INTRO office in DUBAI, working hand-in-hand with our main FIRST INTRO office in Jerusalem. This strategic move strengthens our business activities in both the Emirates and Israel.

Not long ago, we celebrated the one-year anniversary of the landmark Abraham Accords. During this year, we continued to face many challenges not the least of which was the COVID-19 pandemic, while maintaining high-pace of new activity and discovery of new horizons. Now, we look forward to continuing our drive to fulfill our vision.


FIRST INTRO helps entrepreneurs in Israel and the Emirates with their strategic planning and operations as they endeavor to turn their ideas into success stories.

Our teams of experts offer intimate knowledge of business operations in both countries. They are continuously engaged in research and analysis of data and maintain up-to-date awareness of relevant economic indicators.

Our goal is to match the right businesses and business partner activities for our clients according to their unique needs.

We excel at market research, business evaluations, and other critical consulting services to ensure the success of business activities. Our teams are comprised of leading experts in the fields of business, innovation, technology, finance, health, education, tourism, agriculture, real estate, and more.

We offer a wide range of services and can meet the needs of small and large businesses, local or international corporations.

At FIRST INTRO, we know that engaging our essential services can help businesses achieve success in the Emirates and Israel. That’s why we are with you from the start and at every step along the way.


Basel Ismail, CEO of FIRST INTRO

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